On Thu, Mar 25, 2004 at 08:26:12AM -0500, John Culleton wrote:
> On Thursday 25 March 2004 06:42 am, Sven Neumann wrote:
> > Hi,
> >
> > There's a page explaining how GIMP 2.0 handles fonts at
> > gimp.org:
> >
> >  http://www.gimp.org/unix/fonts.html
> This reference is what I needed. But it raises two more 
> questions:
> 1. The freefont collection and sharefont collection used 
> with previous versions of Gimp have only pfb files and not 
> afm files. Does this mean that they cannot be used with the 
> Pango/Fontconf/Gimp combo? 
> 2. For better viewing the above combination appears to alias 
> certain type 1 fonts to Truetype. However for printing I 
> prefer the real Type 1 fonts.  Should I disable these 
> aliases?  

i also prefer Type1 fonts.  i do not attach this preference according to
my font knowledge, just from what i can see of the history of the
development of the fonts.  if history does keep repeating itself, then
Type1 fonts should be the good ones.

TrueType fonts, the way i understand it, were designed solely so that
windows could own your computer and not Adobe.  which is one thing.
being able to work for html and pdf or ps is another thing.

i have tried to put what i know about installing Type1 fonts on my web
site, which thankfully -- no one else can tell me what to put there or
how to put it.


Manish and i have been working on a python script that should (with a
little work) display all of the fonts located in one directory on a

i am a little nervous about showing you this Type1 information as i had
so little problem (eventually) with Debian and fonts.

if you have any questions or improvements to the instructions or see any
gaping holes in the information, please let me know.

i am right now editing my css to include all of the fonts in the
freefont collection.  some very interesting fonts are included there and
researching them has been a lesson in modern computer development and
also in mid-1800 art.  

i can send to this list when the css is finished -- yosh's script worked
really well, i am somewhat anxious to share this also.

sorry that the official gimp web sites dont contain information useful
like this for this new gimp.  my sorry for this has no end.


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