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John Culleton wrote:
I had compiled Gimp as root. I operate as a regular user. First I discovered that the owner and group of all the Gimp software was 500, and not either root or my user name (safe.) so I chowned everything in that directory to safe:users.

Ooops... you must have a particularly restrictive umask. Usually 022 or 027 is better.

However now I am having problems with Postscript:
"Could not execute plug in Postscript
because it uses an obsolete version of the plug-in protocol."

Weird. This looks like something that happened back in the pre-releases when the postscript plug-in was changed from ps to postscript, but people still had the old one hanging about. Perhaps this is an older plug-in? Alternatively, perhaps your plug-in cache hasn't updated - you might like to remove .gimp-2.0/pluginrc since this will be generated from actually requesting the plug-ins to register themselves.

I will go back to square 1, recompile and reinstall and see if that clears up the current problem.

To just recompile the postscript plug-in, you could remove the above file, and in plug-ins/common, make postscript; sudo make install-postscript.


Dave Neary

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