I'm trying to convert an image to 16bpp with dithering so it can
        be used on a 16bit windows display. All the apps on my NetBSD box
        happily dither a 32bit image for 16bit display, but Windows ends
        up with the traditional 'banding' effect.

        The two options I've found so far were:

        1)  - Decompose the image into RGB
            - For each component
                - Convert to indexed with 32grey palette
                - Convert back to greyscale
            - Recompose channels and save.

              This gives an image with the right palette, but the
              mechanism is clumsy, and the dithering is done
              independently on each channel, which is obviously

        2)    - Use GD to create png with all r5g5b5 values, then ImageMagick
                "convert -dither -map $palettefile $infile $outfile".

              This works, but the output quality is vastly inferiour
              to the Gimp.

        Does anyone have an idea how do do this in gimp (or any other way
        if necessary! :)


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