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Aha! But after DJ's useful input on installing the gtk-xxxxx-devel package in 
order to get GTK to compile properly, I have since to go on and compile a 
brand new shiny GIMP 2.0.

For those who haven't had the same problems, I'm sorry, but in the interests 
of others who might have the same problems, I'm going to post what I've done 

I was having trouble have GTK compile and install so that I could then do the 
same with GIMP 2.0. As a non-programmer, I didn't know that you needed the 
development packages (those with the headers and object files) for the 
package you want to compile AS WELL AS the download that you get from the GTK 
or GNU ftp server etc.

Since DJ (by the way, you the man. You've saved me a lot of hair pulling!) 
told me to install the 'GTK devel' package to resolve above problem, I've 
been doing the same with all the other problems that I've been having. And in 
every case it's all worked out okay.

In your case, my personal experience with urpmi has been that it doesn't work 
properly, and therefore I've just resorted to recompiling everything or using 
the Mandrake package installer to install 'devel' packages. Do a search for 
libexif in the package installer (from the menu, 
Configuration>Packaging>Install Software) and install anything you find with 
libexif and devel in the title and the dependencies that come up. The next 
time you ./configure, you should find that this part of the process is okay 

However, if you look through the output of the ./configure script, you will 
find several WARNING: labels where non-essential things are missing. But some 
of these non-essential things are actually quite essential to you, like the 
modules to let you print, use .tiff formats etc. Here's the modules that I 
had missing in Mandrake 9.2:

libgimpprint 4.2.6 (4.2.5 is installed as standard in Mandrake 9.2, and GIMP 
2.0 predicts some problems with certain locales and printing with this 
version. Better to upgrade now rather than have other problems later I'd say)

With all these, do what I said earlier. Search for them in the package 
installer and then install any packages that contain the <search term> and 
'devel' in the title.

With libgimpprint you will have to go to the web page to download the latest 
version as source code. Here's the address 
Choose your mirror.

Before you configure, make and make install it, use the package manager to 
REMOVE libgimpprint 4.2.5. If you don't it will stop the .configure script 
for gimp-2.0 because it will find libgimpprint files clashing with each 
other. I don't know why, it just does!

Then ./configure, make and make install libgimpprint 4.2.6. Should be fine. If 
you've gone through the list at the top then everything should be ready to 
./configure, make and make install GIMP 2.0.

This is the first time I've ever compiled a package. I think I could have 
chosen an easier one to start with, but then this is how you learn with 
computers, so be it.

Anymore problems or questions then email me off list. Apologies to those who 
aren't interested in this long email, but at least it will now be archived 
for someone else to find.


On Saturday 27 Mar 2004 12:08 am, Kyle Hamar wrote:
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> On Friday 26 March 2004 02:52 pm, dj wrote:
> > Install the gtk2.2[whatever]-devel package.  All
> > should be well after that.
> >
> > dj
> >
> > --- Tom Cole <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:
> > > I'm still trying to install GIMP 2.0 on Mandrake
> > > 9.2.
> > >
> > > Making no headway at all.
> I too have been attempting this compile under ML9.2 without success. The
> first
> significant "not found" in config.log is:
> > configure:30573: WARNING: libexif not found!
> > EXIF support will not be built into the JPEG plug-in.
> > libexif is available from http://www.sourceforge.net/projects/libexif
> Oddly enough when I attempt to install libexif, it is found:
> > [EMAIL PROTECTED] khamar]# urpmi libexif
> > medium "contrib" uses an invalid list file:
> >   mirror is probably not up-to-date, trying to use alternate method
> > Everything already installed
> > [EMAIL PROTECTED] khamar]#
> The "invalid list file" message is a known bug that is usually just
> ignored.
> So if everything is already installed why is libexif not found?
> I have carefully installed everything listed as required at gimp.org but
> have not overcome the errors in configure. BTW, ./configure completes
> normall and does not "shell out" with excessive errors. Any attempt to
> "make" however results in failure.
> Config.log has more errors as well. Here is the next one:
> > configure:30626: gcc -o conftest -g -O2 -Wall   conftest.c -laa   >&5
> > /usr/bin/ld: cannot find -laa
> > collect2: ld returned 1 exit status
> > configure:30632: $? = 1
> >
> > configure: failed program was:
> > | /* confdefs.h.  */
> >
> > ...
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