However, if you look through the output of the ./configure script, you will find several WARNING: labels where non-essential things are missing. But some of these non-essential things are actually quite essential to you, like the modules to let you print, use .tiff formats etc. Here's the modules that I had missing in Mandrake 9.2:

libgimpprint 4.2.6 (4.2.5 is installed as standard in Mandrake 9.2, and GIMP 2.0 predicts some problems with certain locales and printing with this version. Better to upgrade now rather than have other problems later I'd say)

With all these, do what I said earlier. Search for them in the package installer and then install any packages that contain the <search term> and 'devel' in the title.

I am not using Mandrake, but Suse 9.0, and have a strange problem.
I have been folowing yours advice, so when i run ./configure --enable-mp, make and make install, I apperently don't get any errors, but when I then run gimp-2.0 it says:
Error reading modules file
** (gimp-2.0:4753): WARNING **: No builtin or dynamically loaded modules
were found. Pango will not work correctly. This probably means
there was an error in the creation of:
You may be able to recreate this file by running pango-querymodules.
and the first screen appears, but only Wilbur and two boxes are visible!
Then running: pango-querymodules I get a lot like:
# Pango Modules file
# Automatically generated file, do not edit
# ModulesPath = /usr/local/lib/pango/1.2.0/modules
/usr/local/lib/pango/1.2.0/modules/pango-arabic-x.so ArabicScriptEngineX PangoEngineShape PangoRenderX 1547-1747:*
/usr/local/lib/pango/1.2.0/modules/pango-arabic-ft2.so ArabicScriptEngineFt2 PangoEngineShape PangoRenderFT2 1548-1785:*
/usr/local/lib/pango/1.2.0/modules/pango-basic-x.so BasicScriptEngineX PangoEngineShape PangoRenderX 0-687:* 688-767: 896-1423:* 1425-1524: 1548-1785: 3585-3675: 4256-4351:* 4608-5887:* 7680-8191:* 8192-13311:* 13312-40869:* 40960-42182:* 44032-55203: 57344-63470:* 63744-64045:* 65072-65131:* 65280-65518:*
/usr/local/lib/pango/1.2.0/modules/pango-basic-ft2.so BasicScriptEngineFT2 PangoEngineShape PangoRenderFT2 0-687:* 688-767: 896-1423:* 1425-1524: 1548-1785: 3585-3675: 7680-8191:* 8192-40959:* 44032-55203:kr 63744-64011:kr 65280-65507:* 0-65535:
/usr/local/lib/pango/1.2.0/modules/pango-hangul-x.so HangulScriptEngineX PangoEngineShape PangoRenderX 4352-4607:* 44032-55203:*
/usr/local/lib/pango/1.2.0/modules/pango-myanmar-x.so MyanmarScriptEngineX PangoEngineShape PangoRenderX 4096-4223:*
/usr/local/lib/pango/1.2.0/modules/pango-gurmukhi-x.so GurmukhiScriptEngineX PangoEngineShape PangoRenderX 2560-2687:*
/usr/local/lib/pango/1.2.0/modules/pango-bengali-x.so BengaliScriptEngineX PangoEngineShape PangoRenderX 2432-2559:*
/usr/local/lib/pango/1.2.0/modules/pango-devanagari-x.so DevanagariScriptEngineX PangoEngineShape PangoRenderX 2304-2431:* 8205-8205:*
Is there a problem with the 'translation into Danish' ?

mvh Mogens Jęger

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