Tom Cole ([EMAIL PROTECTED]) wrote:
> I really like using the Aqua-pill plugin to make aqua buttons for web sites. 
> But when I use some of the fonts I get an error message like this:
> Error while executing
> (script-fu-aqua-pill-button "Distribution" 50 "Embargo" '(0 0 0) '(0 127 255) 
> 10 10 1 1 TRUE TRUE TRUE)
> ERROR: unbound variable (errobj RGBA_IMAGE)
> What does this mean, and how can I get all the fonts to be recognised and 
> work?

The error apparently is not related to fonts. The script is not part of
the standard gimp package and did not get some necessary changes (where
did you get it from?).

The script uses some constants, that are no longer available in the
GIMP, they have been adjusted slightly.

Open the script in an editor and replace all occurances of RGBA_IMAGE
with RGBA-IMAGE. That should at least remove this particular error.
Since I don't know the script, there might be other errors lurking in
there, but it might just work afterwards.

Good luck,

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