I am, for my own benefit and that of the group, trying to 
create an alpha index to the contents of the hierarchical 
menu system, based  on a plain installation of 2.0. Since 
the instructions in the GUM, the various tutorials etc. are 
based on earlier menu structures this index would be of 
some use. 

Since the menus appear to be created dynamically in part I 
can't just go to the source code.

I am trying to use the tear-off menu feature. However when 
focus shifts from Gimp to my text editor, the tear-off menu 

Is this normal behavior or is it a function of my KDE 
desktop settings? Is there a way to make the menu 

Gimp 2.0, KDE, Linux Slackware 9.1

John Culleton
Able Typesetters and Indexers
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