Tom Cole ([EMAIL PROTECTED]) wrote:
> I have tried to use a script that I used to use in Gimp 1.2.5 called 'Aqua 
> Pill' (available from the website in the script gallery). All 
> my other scripts seem to have made the leap to Gimp 2.0, as one would expect, 
> apart from this one. The error message reads:
> Error while executing
> (script-fu-aqua-pill-button "Click Me!" 50 
> "-*-tekton-*-r-*-*-24-*-*-*-p-*-*-*" '(0 0 0) '(255 0 0) 10 10 1 1 TRUE TRUE 
> ERROR: unbound variable (errobj gimp-channel-ops-offset)
> What does this mean?

Basically this means, that the script has to be ported to GIMP 2.0.

The offending command in this error message is gimp-channel-ops-offset,
which has been renamed to gimp-drawable-offset in GIMP 2.0. Looking at
that error also gives the hint, that there is something wrong with the
font specification, since GIMP 2.0 no longer relies on the weird -*-...
X11 Logical Font Descriptor but uses Fontconfig Font specifications like
"Tekton 24".

So someone needs to invest some amount of work into this script.

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