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> Does that description clear up anything for you?

Yes, that was a very helpful explanation. Thanks a lot.
> Lack of support for this stuff in the Gimp et. al. is the main
> reason I moved to Macs (I have an IT background, but these days
> work as a professional photographer).  I haven't given up the Gimp
> entirely yet, but its getting less and less use over time.

Since we have display filter modules in GIMP 2.0 and there's a color
proof display filter module already, it's probably less than an hour
work to add a display filter that uses lcms to color-correct for the
monitor. The only issue with this is that display filters are not yet
nicely integrated into the workflow. You have to manually select them
for every display you open. This is something that I'd like to see
improved for GIMP-2.2.

If there was a standard on where to look for the monitor ICC profile
and such, that would certainly make things easier. There's a newly
created mailing-list on freedesktop.org that deals with this stuff. If
you want to join this list, please see

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