t the start, I just wanted to say how much I liked GIMP 2.0. I love the new handling of text. I really like the docks. I find paths much easier to work with. I'm having lots of fun doing animations with GAP. It's a lot of nice work.

Here's some comments of mine:

1) There's a cost to download WinGIMP 2.0. Who gets this money? My initial assumption was that it was the GIMP foundation, and, if so, I've got no trouble making that donation. I just caught that it's available for free download at http://www2.arnes.si/~sopjsimo/gimp/stable.html

2) I really like the GIMP animation tools, but I've got a suggestion. Motion paths don't keep the layer mode (it's always Normal, never multiply, darken, lighten, etc. . .) Could they be changed so that they keep the layer mode? So, for instance, you could have a multiplied layer move across the frame to appear like a shadow.

3) Has anyone written a utility to do batch file conversions of files with animation suffixes? The only format that encodes to MPEG is ppm, but that doesn't keep layer information, which would be great to keep.

Thanks folks.

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