I must shamefully admit that I have yet to try GIMP 2.0, so
if adjustments-layers is part of it, then I appolegize for


I've been using both PhotoShop and GIMP for some time, and
one of the few things from PS I really *miss* in GIMP is
the ability to make adjustment-layers -- i.e. layers that
contains *only* adjustments (curves, levels, hue-sat., color
balance) and not any picture... however, when you look at
underlaying layers through it, they are as if you'd applied
those adjustments to them.  Adjustment-layers makes it
very easy to test out the result of multiple adjustments,
as you can make several adjustment-layers and turn one or
more of the visible -- thus applying that/those adjustments
to the picture.

I was therefor wondering if GIMP has such fuctionality --
either buildt-in or through plug-ins (and it's just me who
haven't found it), if it's just been introduced (with 2.0), if
it's something that's being worked on, or if it for some
reason can't or won't be added... ever.


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