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I would like to create an "electrical switch" out of a given
rectangle[1]. The perspective transform tool only allows a rectangle to
be transformed into a quadrilateral, so I can get the following
"approximations" ([2], [3] and [4]), but it would be nice in that case
to be able to have the round shape that I have in mind (and that I hope
you guessed :o). Any tricks to do that?

Thanks for your ideas.

A note on the following images:
 * they are all < 2 kB large
 * the white rectangle was transformed with the perspective tool,
   the black line symbolizes some random content and was manually
   added afterwards (just in case you wondered)
 * I hope you get the idea! ;-)

[1] http://yo.dan.free.fr/images/switch-gimp/switch0.png
[2] http://yo.dan.free.fr/images/switch-gimp/switch1.png
[3] http://yo.dan.free.fr/images/switch-gimp/switch2.png
[4] http://yo.dan.free.fr/images/switch-gimp/switch3.png

Daniel Déchelotte
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