> Most of the work you'll need to do will be with the X11 configuration and
> drivers.  X, probably, is not reading and passing along the tilt and
> pressure information yet.
I run 0.6.2 stable release of linuxwacom. My tablet is a serial
tablet(wacom intuos 2 serial DTP).

The utility wacdump (wacdump /dev/ttyS1)  are displaying the tilt
information, and this feature is working on the table.

The utility xidump read all the information from the X server(if I have
good understood the manual). And it looks, that X passes the tilt
information to the application.

Here is the output from xidump:
InputDevice: stylus
Valuators: Absolute   Axes: 6  Buffer: 0

             x-axis    y-axis   pressure   x-tilt    y-tilt     wheel
     data:  +13683    +10216    +00000    -00046    +00015    +00000 
      min:  +00000    +00000    +00000    -00064    -00064    +00000
      max:  +30480    +31680    +01023    +00063    +00063    +01023
      res:  +99999    +99999    +00001    +00001    +00001    +00001

Proximity:  OUT 
  Buttons:  1-UP  

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