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| Have a look at the curve bend filter (Image/Filters/Distort/Curve
| bend). I used it to produce the attached image which I think is what
| you want

Yes.  Thanks to you and to GSR: I think curve bend is the right tool for
that.  One question, though: why does it stretch the picture vertically?
I can see it affects your picture, and mine as well.

To be more specific: I expected that...
 * on a rectangular selection of height H
 * sing a curve bend with parallel (identical) upper and lower curves
 * the resulting curved shape "should" have the same height H for all
   vertical section

Instead, this height is significantly greater than the original, meaning
the selection has been stretched vertically.

To me, nothing in the dialog box or the name of the tool suggest this
behaviour. Neither could I control this distortion, which I had to
compensate manually by trial and error (this is gimp 1.2.3).

-- Daniel
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