Hi Sam.

> Sam Jones writes:

> 2) I really like the GIMP animation tools, but I've got a suggestion. Motion
> paths don't keep the layer mode (it's always Normal, never multiply, darken,
> lighten, etc. . .) Could they be changed so that they keep the layer mode?
> So, for instance, you could have a multiplied layer move across the frame to
> appear like a shadow.

The "Move Path" plug-in has an option-menu "Mode:" where you can
already explicite select the layer paint mode for the handled source
layer(s) when they are added to the destination animation
frames. The default Mode is "normal".

I'll add an extra "Keep as it is" paintmode option
to keep the original paintmode of the handled sourcelayer.
This feature will be available in future releases of GIMP-GAP

> 3) Has anyone written a utility to do batch file conversions of files with
> animation suffixes? The only format that encodes to MPEG is ppm, but that
> doesn't keep layer information, which would be great to keep.

In GIMP-GAP-2.0 there is just very little support for encoding
video. Both provided frontends are for old MPEG encoders, and those
old encoders work with ppm.

For now it is best to create Animations using .XCF Frames
and Convert them to .PPM with <Image>/Video/Frames Convert.
You should delete the .PPM frames after video encoding,
but keep the .XCF originals.

You may also convert to .JPG and use newer external encoder Programs.
(ffmpeg for example).

One of the planed features for future GIMP-GAP releases 
(2.2 or later)
is direct video encoding on the fly with some integrated
videoencoders (at least ffmpeg will be supported).

Thanks for your suggestions
best regards  Wolfgang Hofer

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