There is a minor, but really annoying problem with the current layout of
the user interface, regarding the dockable tabs part. 
For adding a new tab, I only have to drive my mouse/wacom pen over the
tab area. On the other hand, if I grip and drag the tab, it becomes a
new window. 

It is easy to get confused if you have a wacom pen. Quite often, when I
intend just to switch in between tabs, the pen can move more and GIMP
immediately turns my tab into a new window. It is kind of
time-consuming, to change back all the non-wanted windows into tabs. 

I would like to make a feature request. It would be nice if GIMP could
"lock" tab positions and tab numbers in a given window. So until it is
locked, it could not be moved. 
It would be similarly as in the case of quick launcer in the top
menubar(GNOME menu).

I have made a small image for better showing my problem:
Thanks for your help, 

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