On 09-Apr-2004 Patrick Shanahan wrote:
>> > sean <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> writes:
>> > > I'm looking in the Gimp for the same function as contact sheet in
>> > > photoshop. That is , take a selection of files and make a contact
>> > > sheet to print the selection.

>> from ImageMagick, mogrify.
> make that: from ImageMagick, montage.

But he wants to select files!
I move the selected files with gqview to a temporary directory and run a small
shell in the parent directory:

/usr/local/bin/montage -tile 4x8 -adjoin -verbose -page 2700x4000 -geometry
600x450+20+20 $1/* `basename $1`.sheet.png

It is not optimized, you must change values to that you prefer. Hope this can

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