"Norma Carlson" <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> writes:

> First off, I am "VERY" new to this program.  I installed the 2.0.0
> version and every time it loads I get a window that has a lot of
> error messages in it.  They all pertain to the loading of fonts.  I
> have gone in and tried to reload the program and all of it elements
> but with no luck.  I am sure this is something very simple but
> apparently not to me.  LOL I would appreciate any help I can get
> with this.  Thanks

A little bit more information, like for example what operating system
you use, would have been helpful but the mail headers revealed this

You didn't give the text of the error messages so I can only guess.
But my guess is that you are running into the known problem with the
GTK-Wimp theme that is handled in the FAQ on the page where you got
the Win32 installer from:


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