On Fri, 9 Apr 2004, David Wright wrote:

> Does the gimp support opacity layers? By opacity layer I mean an layer 
> with a 8-bit numer for each pixel, where instead of being intrepreted as 
> a gray or color intensity value, the number is intrepreted as a pure 
> opacity. When it is 255, the pixel is black; when it is 0, the pixel 
> below shows through perfectly; when it is intermediate, the pixel is an 
> appropriate average of black and the color of the pixel below.

 What you want to create is a layer with the alpha channel representing 
your image and a solid color (black or white in your case).
 Simple steps:
1) Create a new white layer
2) Add layer mask (Black, full transparency)
3) select the layer with your text and in the image press ctrl-a and 
ctrl-c to select all and copy the image.
4) Select the layer mask in the layers dialog and in the image press 
ctrl-v to paste.
5) Anchor layer
6) The layer you just created is what you want. (you may like to right 
click in the layer and "Apply layer mask")

 I just confirmed these steps in my gimp 1.2.1 but I think there isn't any 
difference in gimp 2.0.x.

PS. If you want to use this image in a web page notice that IE doesn't 
support 8-bit transparent pngs. (there are some workarounds that you can 
find in the archives of this list, but nobody should care about IE :P)

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