Thumbnails are being discussed, along with other features to make the entire site 
easier to use.

As far as the bitmap support goes, I see no reason not to support it. This site and 
others that will carry this sort of content, and it can be used in any number of ways, 
especially in the area of 'value-added' material for open source software projects. 
It's my hope that the bitmap aspect flourishes. One of my personal goals is to develop 
public domain libraries of content for use in games, oss games and even proprietary 

As far as 'openclipart.org' is concerned, it will be heavily weighted in the direction 
of vecter content, but room will be made for bitmap as well.


Mitch Featherston

"Joao S. O. Bueno" <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:

>On Tuesday 20 April 2004 08:51, [EMAIL PROTECTED] wrote:
>> Hello!
>> Just wanted to let everyone know that openclipart.org is now live. It is a
>> repository for free, public domain artwork. Because the content is public
>> domain, anyone may use it for whatever application. The amount of material
>> is somewhat limited, but it will grow. Hopefully, in the future, it will
>> provide a diverse and sizeable collection of material for all sorts of
>> uses... 'Open Source Graphics for the Masses.' I submitted the texture
>> collection in the download area.
>> www.openclipart.org
>> Thanks!
>> Mitch Featherston
>Hi Mitch,
>One feature mostly missing there is a thumbnail preview of the images. I know  
>it is not a trivial feature to add, but it would be just great to have it 
>Also, I see no reason -perhaps you have - to add support to bitmap art in 
>    JS
>    -><-
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