Carol Spears wrote:
> On Fri, Apr 23, 2004 at 11:23:32AM +1000, David Burren wrote:
> > Using Photoshop 7 on my wife's XP machine which is a 1.8GHz version
> > of my System A seems OK, but I haven't done a lot of work with it
> > as she keeps wanting to use it...
> i am curious.  do you think that if the adobe geniuses could make their
> software compile on linux, if it would slow it down.

No.  In fact they've got it to compile on a Unix (ie. MacOS X) and
it runs great.  I don't believe it's inherent in the OS that the
application is running on.  I do think that Photoshop currently
does a better job at managing its memory resources, but that's at
the appliction level.

> i am not sure where gimp is losing this "race" of yours but the fact
> that i can run gimp on linux and can not run photoshop (any flavor or
> version) to compare gives photoshop some weird edge.

Interesting.  I'm sure you and I have different requirements so
we'll come to different conclusions.

As an opensource developer (primarily on BSD platforms - both in
the OS/kernel and at the application level) I would love it if the
Gimp was able to do all the tasks I need of it.

But as a photographer trying to earn a living (I currently supplement
this with short-term Perl and SQL development contracts) I can't
afford to be without the tools that Photoshop provides me (the most
high-profile of which are complete ICC support and 16-bit files).
Now that I'm happy that OSX has progressed to a point that I'm happy
to use it, the fact that Photoshop is available for it is reason
enough for me to move to OSX instead of BSD or Linux.

I look forward to the day when the Gimp or CinePaint come up to
speed on the features I need, but I can't afford to wait.

My observations about memory consumption behaviour between the Gimp
and Photoshop have been coincidental to that.  It's not the reason
I started using Photoshop, but it's a pleasant side-benefit.

> is the very fact that the linux community shared with YOU part of what
> slows gimp down?

Now this sounds like you getting all "snooty" for no good reason
(these snide comments have never been good for your image Carol).

In fact I wasn't aware that the LINUX community shared with me.
The GIMP community that I have been a part of for years (as a Unix
user, even if using NetBSD/FreeBSD instead of Linux) has shared the
Gimp with me, and I've been grateful for being part of that community.

But that's completely irrelevant to the discussion at hand...

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