On Sunday 25 April 2004 03:02 am, Ken Walker wrote:
> I was asked the other day if I could change the dark brown trim on our
> house including down spouts and eavestroughs but not the roof  as shown in
> http://qblaw.ca/house.jpg
> from dark brown to Montana Tan as shown in
> http://qblaw.ca/paint.jpg
> Doors would be Autumn haze.
> I thought this would be a great exercise in learning to use The Gimp but I
> have become lost in selection modes, layers, channels and the like reading
> Grokking the Gimp and the regular docs.  I have tried to use google to find
> something appropriate to help me with this, but can't come up with the
> magic search words to get me there.
> Could someone point me to some resource that will walk me through this task
> and/or give me a bit of an outline of which tools I should use to get where
> I want to go.
> And while you are looking at these images, what do you think of the colour
> choice?  They aren't my choices and I have no idea about these things.

Hi Ken,

While you're waiting for an authoritative answer I'll give you what I know. 
I'd use the bezier selection tool to select the trim, eavesdrops and spouts, 
but not the roof, trees, etc. Then I'd Rightclick->select->bycolor, click the 
"intersection radio button, use a threshold somewhere in the 10-25 area, and 
click a portion of the drawing, inside the selections, that has one of the 
lighter parts of dark brown. This will select all sorts of stuff. Then I'd 
make the foreground color a lighter shade of montana tan, and 
Rightclick->Edit->fillWithForegroundColor. I'd repeat the same thing for a 
slightly darker part of dark brown, replacing with a slightly darker montana 
tan, and so on til all the dark brown on eaves, spouts and trim are replaced 
by montana tan.

My method will eliminate quite a bit of texture. I'm sure some of the other 
people on the list will come up with ways to replace all the brown at once, 
texture and all, and I'll anxiously await that information. But if worst 
comes to worst, you can do what I just said -- I've done it often.

By the way -- I use select by color a lot when I scan yellow receipts. I use 
select by color to turn the yellow to white, then save it as grayscale and 
save mucho megabytes.


Steve Litt
Founder and acting president: GoLUG

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