On Monday 10 May 2004 07:45 pm, everyman outsourced wrote:
> I am a graphics newbe.
> I have to modify the text in the attached. Looks like a gradient was used
> but the text is reversed down to the pixel level in terms of color.
> All I need are the right tools in GIMP to edit the text.
> Thanks in advance
> -John

Hi John,

Because this graphic was a .gif, it has no layers, so you'll need to 
physically erase the letters. I just did it as follows:

Copy a square to the left of the top row of letters. Continually paste that 
square over the letters, to extend the gradiant over the letters. Then copy a 
square to the left of the bottom row of letters, and do the same thing. Next, 
create a new layer for your text, and put the text on the new layer and save 
as an .xcf file. Now if you ever need to remodify the text, you can do so 
without all the drama.

Attached is the xcf file, suitably blanked out.


Steve Litt
Founder and acting president: GoLUG

<<attachment: btn1_off_tweaked_by_stevelitt.xcf>>

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