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I found the comments below from a friend of mine on another list provaocative. She is not a Gimp user. I wonder how many of her cautions are universal and how many just dependent on the program used to create the graphics?
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I visit lots of authors' sites and see many that are gorgeous. The thing that always tips me off as to whether they're professionally done or not is the graphics. I cannot stand jagged edges around images, banners, etc. Even the most inexperienced designer can clean that up and do it properly at low resolution, so, I guess it's not so much that it's a sign of being an amateur - to me anyway - that it's a sign of not caring....lack of pride in the work.

Well, if someone cannot stand jaggies at edges, this is a mere subjective impression. However, many people think like this, so it might be a good idea to create smooth edges if you don't want jaggies intentionally.

Even if a person simply cannot create clean edges (one of the most common mistakes is using "tansparent" on a layer - transparent doesn't need to use the background colour as the background colour on the image around any curved lines. Also that "delete" background rarely gives a clean lift - that all needs to be erased one pixel at a time.) they can go with text only, or visit one of the 1000s of sites that offer free web tools, or avoid curved edges (in most cases jaggies are only an issue around curved edges). Round
buttons only look nice if they're done properly. Square (with no transparency and no background) and text buttons work just as well and will give a more "polished" look.

The term "transparency" here is ambiguous - from the text, it seems like your friend talks about the kind of transparency used in e.g. GIF - either full or no transparency.

When using a full alpha channel, things are different.

I'm not a web designer by any means, so maybe those on the group who are can offer more insight into this.

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BTW I have permission to quote the above from the author.

All the cautions do not really depend on the program used to create the images - unless you decide to use a paint program only capable of 16 colors ;) I don't think any real image editing software can't do the things your firend describes.

They do however strongly depend on the program used to view the graphics. When talking about the web, this means web browsers.


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