I am not having any luck downloading version 2.0.1, here is what I've tried:

I went to www.gimp.org  
clicked on gimp for windows. clicked on downloads, was sent to ftp://ftp.gimp.org/pub/gimp/v2.0/  there got a tree I didn't understand.

Then I went back to www.gimp.org and clicked 
ftp.gimp.org  and got a page with a set of folders that I don't understand

So then I went back to www.gimp.org and clicked on mirrors.  Got a whole list of sites, and tried 4 of them which hung up the browser (Explorer) had to use control/alt/delete to get out of it, so I then gave up.

I know most of you will say not to use windows, but how do I do it with windows, as that is what I have?


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