On Tuesday 27 April 2004 21:04, Patricia Mayo wrote:
> First time post =) First time I haven't been able to figure it out
> on my own in the three years I've been using The Gimp, so here goes
> the scenario.
> I followed the tutorial on making custom brushes, but I want it to
> use the color on the palette. I've tried saving it in .gbr and .gih
> and both just make the brush paint in black - also it creates a
> duplicate, creating a grass and grass#2. The way I'm creating them
> is I go to File>New, create a 40x40 image at 100x100 resolution in
> RGB with a transparent background. Then I take my pencil brush, 1x1
> circle, black and draw the lines I want, then save in my custom
> directory, in which The Gimp already looks to seek custom brushes.
> So what am I doing wrong?

Hi there!

If you want it to use the color on the palette, you should reduce it 
to a grayscale image before saving, and not use transparency. The 
areas that will be painted shall be colored black, and unpainted 
areas shall stay white (not transparent).

RGBA images are for brushes that contain their own color. 
> Thanks a lot,
> Trisha


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