Daniel Rogers wrote:
> >Instead of all this though, I've been talking to Tim Ney about having
> >the GNOME Foundation take a more active role in supporting the GIMP.  If
> >GNOME was willing to do this, this would probably be a good option for
> >us.  Gnome already has the infrastruction and ability to act as a
> >non-profit, as well as plenty of corporate suppport.  What do people
> >think of this plan?
> Again, to be a little more clear.  GNOME would like to support us more 
> than just in name.  All we (e.g. more than just me) have to do is say 
> yes.  It is unclear, at this point, how exactly GNOME would be involved 
> with The GIMP, but those details could be worked out.  Does this 
> interest anyone?  Is anyone outright opposed (and why)?

For the record, I'm in favour of this approach. There is no real
benefit in setting up a foundation structure which will just be a
fundraising structure, causing some people lots of work and cost,
when there is an organisation prepared to partner us which
already has all of this in place.

Of course, that does mean that we will be taking a small piece of a
bigger pie, rather than having our own independent revenue
source, but since we currently have no revenue source, that won't
make a big difference.


       David Neary,
       Lyon, France
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