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this discussion started when i mentioned that since i first started
using TheGIMP (1.0.2) every time i need the info dialog i follow this
incorrect path <Image> -->Image -->Info to find it.  of course it is not
located there.  it can be found via <Image> -->View -->Info.  

also, Nathan Summers has been a thoughtful and productive gimp developer
for a very long time as well.

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Hmm, the last message I sent seemed not to get through, so here it is
another time.

Noting that several people have expressed desires to improve GIMP's menu
structure, I have started a Wiki page which we can use as a whiteboard for
rearraigning the menu items.  I have even started to group the menu items,
although it still needs a lot of work.

You don't need a special account or anything -- just visit and hit "EditText" to
edit the page.  You can move things around, rename items,  or just add
commentary!  Here is your chance to help make gimp more usable.


PS -- Carol, please forward this to gimp-user.  I don't subscribe there,
but this is a good way for the users to contribute to making GIMP better,
since you don't even need to know how to program to make a real

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