I recently purchased a Nikon D70 camera.  After getting the camera I upgraded 
GIMP to 2.0.1.  When I take a picture with the camera oriented horizontal I 
have no problems.  When I take a picture with the camera oriented vertical I 
have discovered a puzzling glitch.

The camera automatically orients vertical photos vertical on the built in 
viewer for quick viewing instead of horizontal.  After downloading the images 
to my computer kuickshow will also automatically orient the untouched 
vertical photos vertical.  If I open the vertical photos in GIMP the photos 
are horizontal (as they should be).  I went ahead and rotated a couple of the 
images to get them vertical in GIMP and saved them.  Now in kuickshow the 
GIMP modified vertical photos are horizontal in the opposite direction.

What causes the camera and kuickshow to automatically orient the vertical 
photos and is there anyway to get GIMP to do the same or get kuickshow to 
stop doing it?

Any help will be appreciated,

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