Hi Steve,

Steve M Bibayoff wrote:
> How do you merge image/text on too all layers? I have 
> created a multi layer image that will eventually be used 
> as a anmated image.

I'd suggest using GAP...

GAP creates animations from a numbered series of XCF files, so
you get all the advantages of layers as well as cool
functionality like onion-skinning and the most excellent move-path. 

To add text to every frame in the same place, you would simply
add it to the first and the last in the same place, and

At least, I think it should work like that :) I am afraid I don't
know GAP that well. That said, doing it with layers is a pain.
Your only option is to copy the text layer once for each layer,
then select each text layer in turn and merge it down to the


       David Neary,
       Lyon, France
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