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Sven Neumann wrote:
David Neary <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> writes:
I was just looking for some nice looking screenshots to show off
on the GUADEC GIMP pages, and the best ones are all on

The problem with the screenshots on dgo is that they are screenshots of the 1.3.x development version. Most of them clearly don't look like 2.0. It shouldn't be too difficult to redo these shots with an uptodate version. I am sure people will happily donate their screenshots.

Not so clearly to me... I avoided using the text tool screenshot, since that changed quite a bit before the 2.0 release, but the macos and SVG screenshots are both close enough to 2.0 to make no difference.

Also the brush preview screenshot is cool, and hasn't changed since.

If people do update the dgo screenshots, where should they send them? brix or yourself?


Dave Neary

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