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> Hi,
> Alan Horkan <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> writes:
> > How many more of these articles must be written before the Gimp
> > developers accept that simple drawing tools are a must for a certain
> > type of user?
> We accepted this fact a long time ago. Pointing at it again doesn't
> hurt but in the end someone needs to sit down and write code.

While I cannot provide the code I guess what I can do is draw peoples
attention to the bug that address their concerns.
[So for user that want basic drawing tools in the Gimp it would be this
bug report:
http://bugzilla.gnome.org/show_bug.cgi?id=65197  ]

Everytime there is a new Gimp release or featured article the same issues
come up, it is frustrating for everyone, clearly there is a knowledge gap.
While I realise that much of the discussion on Slashdot is unhelpful it
would be very good 'PR' if the Gimp developers could publically address a
few of the significant issues and actively solicit code in the cases where
that is all that is required.

Perhaps if voting was allowed on Gimp bugs in bugzilla it would become
apparent which features are really most important to users?

Would it be acceptable to start a meta bug that that tried to group bugs
that users familiar with Adobe Photoshop find particularly annoying?

An Official and up to date List of Frequently Asked Questions would
probably help too (and I know from recent discussions that is something we
would all like to see).

I did a quick look for FAQ and found this and the date at the bottom of
the page (1996-1998) suggests it is not actively maintained.
And this FAQ is unofficial but it seems to be more recently maintained
And there is the GUG FAQs

Are there any other users currently maintaining FAQ that could be
"blessed" and turned into an Official FAQ and put on the website into some
sort of content management system (like Wiki, preferably one that supports
HTML syntax)?

I'm throwing out some ideas because I want to try and be constructive but
I have exams coming up soon so I can only do a very limited amount at the


Alan Horkan
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