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>I think it  a conceptual error wanting 300DPI screenshots - Maybe not -=20
>but wait  second - the GIMP interface is designed to  be displayed at typic=
>monitor resolutions -  from 72 to 96 dpi.
>On the other hand, a monitor will have 15'' to 17'' inhes, and your print o=
>of a screenshot should be a few inches accross - so the 1000 pixels wide, 1=
>inch at  96 dpi screenshot would make for a 5 inch wide ate 300dpi screensh=
>=2D no matter.
>If you do intend to actually make printouts of 15'', 17'' in paper,=20
>nonetheless, a "real world" screen shot will do - the interface text may=20
>appear aliased or blurred in a good quality printing - but hey---that's how=
>it looks like on the screen. :-) And on top of that,  you may still try to=
>increase the quality of a screenshot scaled up to 3000 pixels using the Gim=
>itself, if there is the need.
>One last thing - if you actually can find a 3000 pixel screenshot, the=20
>interface - at least the icons - will appear proportionally small - you won=
>be able to achieve better icons than from a 1024x768 screenshot.
>Anyway, you may be planning something different, that I had not grasped at=
>all.  But if you are after "300dpi screenshots" just because the clerk at=20
>your printshop told you so, the way to go is to scale up a plain screenshot.
>    JS
>    -><-
Yeah, I am trying to get the BEST possible quality. Standard shots at 72PPI are fine 
for most of what I need, but I assumed I could find some solid 300PPI 
(magazine-quality) material. Initially, I need some content for some PDF-based 
brochures, but later I am going to need higher res stuff for other types of 

I am working on a 5.5"x8.5" GIMP postcard now. When I finish it, please let me know if 
you want a PDF of it, and I'll put you on my list to send to. 


Mitch Featherston
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