I run both WinXP Pro and Mandrake 10.0 was just loaded up yesterday.  I
have played with Mandrake for a couple of years now on and off but
mostly off to be honest.  So I'm not much into CVSing or compiling
especially from what I read for compiling the GIMP 2.0 from scratch ( I
need: pkg-config, GTK+ 2.2.2, GLib 2.2.0, Pango 1.2.0, ATK 1.2.0,
FreeType2, Fontconfig, libart2).  I'm not up to that, got too much going
on so I was wondering if anyone has compiled an RPM of GIMP 2.0 for
Mandrake 10.0 or are planning to and if so please post here with a

Thanks so much

Richard ;-)~
Peace and prayers

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