Hi Alf,

Alf C Stockton wrote:
I now, without too much trouble(thanks to a slick setup on Gimp's side) got
2.0.1 installed and running.
How do I now, to save space on my notebook, remove all previous versions of gimp
without breaking anything?

Depending on your OS, and how you installed it, this will be different.

If you installed the 1.2 series on Windows from Jernej's installer, you can uninstall it. Similarly, if you installed from a package manager in a GNU/Linux distro, you can uninstall the package.

On the other hand, if you installed 1.2 from source, you can run "make uninstall" in the GIMP 1.2 source directory, and that will do the job.

Alternatively, you can delete everything in a gimp/1.3 and gimp/1.2 directory, and everything in the appropriate lib directory that has libgimp*-1.3* or 1.2*. This is probably the trckiest, and really isn't advisable :)


Dave Neary

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