>From: Alan Horkan <[EMAIL PROTECTED]>
>Adobe Photoshop allows one to easily draw shapes (such as polygons) that
>are very difficult to draw using only select+Stroke.

Cinepaint has the drawing code. They took the vector drawing plugin
and made it work directly within the image.

The ex-plugin has a lot of room for improvements, but it is a start
of something.

>How many more of these articles must be written before the Gimp developers
>accept that simple drawing tools are a must for a certain type of user?

But maybe they are not that easy to code? Adding a vector layer to
the images should be easy if the image object is good, but the vector
manipulations can be difficult. Typically each plugin has its own
kludge way to manipulate vector objects (selection tools, crop tool, etc).
The selection tool vector drawing and the crop tool vector drawing
are not visible in other views of the same image because the framework
is kludge.

What we need is a good old vertex/edge/polygon framework. We don't
have even the simplest systems developed at 1960s. Check out
what I mean.

I'm figuring out what kind of framework would be ok. Anyone
would like to help?

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