"Kevin Myers" <[EMAIL PROTECTED]>, wrote:

> However, my computers are *NOT* infected, and I'd
> appreciate it if you would do a little more research regarding these viruses and how
> they work before spreading such false rumors to a public list.

I'm sorry for posting my original message then.
Still, I never dealt with viruses directly and don't want to try them to learn
how they work :). I don't use any software that is known to be easily exploited
by viruses ( MSIE. OE, etc. ), but many people do - this was the reason
for writing the original message.
It was also sent ~week later (I was not online) than I received the last virus
that used your address and the subject "RE: Incoming Msg".
And I was not the only one who received these viruses (or a ISP virus filter message )
on Gimp User group.
Still, I have 28.8kb/s connection and no ISP virus filter or other way to prevent
mail with viruses from consuming my bandwidth, so receiving a couple from
the same address (for the first time in my internet experience) was annoying .

My appologies.

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