Carol Spears <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> writes:

> > GIMP 1.2.x and 2.0.x will happily co-exist.
> > 
> as will gimp-1.0 and gimp-1.1 and gimp-1.3 exist with gimp-1.2 and
> gimp-2.0, if you are like me and have little things from all of them
> that you want and a big enough hard drive and distribution that
> actually works on your computer.
> this is not the case with gimp-2.1 and that nice list.  can someone
> remind me of the logic of this (i assume) temporary condition?  the
> developers i came to respect went out of their way to avoid this.

gimp-2.1, which is supposed to become gimp-2.2, will be compatible
with gimp-2.0 so there is no point in having the two versions
installed side-by-side. When gimp-2.2 is ready it will happily replace
gimp-2.0 and plug-ins compiled for gimp-2.0 will continue to work.

That's the reason that gimp-2.1 cannot be installed into the same
prefix as gimp-2.0. It's supposed to replace it. Currently there's the
temporary condition that gimp-2.1 installs quite some things into
directories versioned as 2.1. This is supposed to be changed back to
2.0 when gimp-2.2 is ready.

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