"Richard McCormick" <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> writes:

> OK, I need some help.
> Out of curiosity I downloaded ALL the needed files.  14 in all, 45Mb's
> total.
> I would appreciated some help in the ORDER in which to install these
> files, pretty please....

All these packages have README and INSTALL files so you should be
able to figure this out. But seriously, you should not attempt to do
this. You need quite a lot of experience with compiling software if
you want to get this right and there's a good chance that you mess
your system up very badly. If you insist on compiling this stuff from
source, then please do at least drop the basic libraries such as
libpng, libjpeg and others from your list and use the packages
provided by your Linux distribution.

> There was one that I could not find and I know how to scour the web
> pretty good when I want to:
> Font Configuration Library

There's a link in the GIMP's INSTALL file.

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