Following up on some discussion here a while back, I have set up a
simple way to add an ICC profile to an image in Gimp if you
have the .icc file.  It uses the MetaData plug-in I put
together a little while ago; see:

If you compile and install this, and run it for an image 
(Filters->Generic->Attachments), then under the File menu
there is an option "Load ICC Profile".  A profile loaded in
this way will be saved if you use the TIFF format -- as far
as I know, no other Gimp file format currently handles a color

I have tested this by loading a simple color profile in Linux
and then opening the resulting TIFF file in Photoshop 6.0.  I
do not have the resources to test more complicated scenarios,
so if you have problems, please let me know.  Any feedback is

  -- Bill

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