Hey there.

I've been playing around with GAP and trying to apply a more traditional
approach with it, and ran into a problem.

I can't seem to choose two separate onionskins from two (vastly separated
frames.) This is a bit difficult for in-betweening.

Here's the first three using a bouncing ball (24/fps with 48 frames total):

First frame of ball (1)

Ball in middle of bounce (24)

End of ball's bounce (48)

Now, if I were working with paper, I'd place frame 1 and 24 on a light
box, then use those as a guide to draw where the ball would be, and the
new drawing would be frame 12 (In-betweening). It's useful for accuracy.

I haven't found a way to replicate it with GAP yet, and I was wondering if
I was overlooking something.

Thanks in advance.

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