On Tue, 2004-05-25 at 16:05 -0400, John Culleton wrote:
> Been playing with the DTP program scribus and its tutorials 
> a bit. One feature in that program is the ability to place 
> an object exactly on the layer by specifying starting 
> location and dimensions numerically.  A rule can also be 
> placed exactly by specifying its X or Y coordinate. This is 
> handy for things like book covers where placements have to 
> be exact or the image is useless. Drag and drop is not 
> adequate.  

I have, in fact, been wanting something like this too. And a very
similar functionality is aligning a layer on the image. I have made a
little mockup of two dialogs.


They both require a custom control, which may be expensive in terms of
developer time, but definitely a lot more usable than what "align
visible layers" uses currently for example. It is really hard to use and
hardly intuitive. The control defines what part of the current layer
(boundary) is to be aligned. 

Combining these two into a single dialog seems to be a better solution


Open Questions and Issues:

      * The spinboxes and the unit combobox aren't accessible with a
      * In some cases multiple source nodes give same results. I still
        find the interface more intuitive though.
      * I am not sure if the dialog should remember it's previous
        settings or fill in the current position (and recalculate when
        selecting different nodes?).

I have filed this as an enhancement request #143163.


Jakub Steiner <[EMAIL PROTECTED]>

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