Alfred Ostermeier <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> writes:

> i am absolutely new to this list and relatively to gimp. I still didn't
> find a solution to get the thumbnails automatically generated in the
> ".xvpics"-folder working. They are there as jpegs, pngs and other
> formats and in fact are some KB large, but when trying to display/ open
> them, there is a blank-paper-symbol in Konqueror respective no action by
> GIMP. Can anybody help me please?

Please note that the files in the .xvpics folder are not jpegs, pngs
and other formats as you might believe if you look at the file
extension. They are all in an xv specific format which is probably not
understood by Konqueror.

The .xvpics folder for thumbnails is deprecated and has been replaced
by an implementation of the Thumbnail Managing Standard in GIMP 2.0.
I suggest you update to GIMP 2.0. I don't know if Konqueror handles
thumbnails according to the Thumbnail Managing Standard. If not then
it's about time that this is implemented. Nautilus does it for quite a
while already.

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