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Dave S <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> writes:

Im finding my way around Gimp-2.0 but have a couple of queries about
the text tool..

Firstly, how do you create text at an angle, on gimp 1.2.3 it had an
angle dialogue in the dyntext dialogue, I cannot find one in

Rotated text will hopefully be included in gimp-2.2. If you need rotated text with gimp-2.0, I suggest you use the Freetype plug-in (see

Secondly (& this is driving me mad !) Once the text has been
entered, you cannot just grab and move it, you have to select the
layer, select move, then move it. If its the wrong size, you have to
re-select the layer, T then select the text, then adjust the font,
colour.... Is there an easier way that I have overlooked ?

The plan is to allow to move the text layer using the text tool but that's not yet implemented. For now you can use the Space key to temporarily switch to the move tool. That's not ideal but it makes things easier.


Thanks for the tips .... I will give them a go.

Gimp 2.0 is amazing & I am sure these few glitches will be sorted soon

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