Baard Ove Kopperud wrote:
> A while back there was a question on this list wheter or not it
> would be breaking any copyright to "translate" a PhotoShop-tutorial
> about making a flame-effect to implement it under GIMP.
> Unfortunately, I just re-installed my system, so I'm not sure where
> the mails about this went... I was therefor hoping that somemone
> could give me the URL for this tutorial -- and possibly give me tips
> about things to watch-out for when trying it with GIMP.

The archives of this list are available on the net, at:[EMAIL PROTECTED]/

Concerning the copyright question, the answer is that you would
not be breaking any copyright for PhotoShop per se, but you may
well be breaking copyright for the tutorial.  The only way to
tell is to read the copyright notice.  If you cannot find one,
then I suggest that you contact the author of the tutorial.

  -- Bill

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