> > The plan is to remove the randomize and repeat functionality. That
> > would allow us to also remove the (quite confusing) dialog.
> > Filters->Blur->Blur would then be a simple blur with a 3x3 convolution
> > kernel. It would be fast and easy to use but of course we it would be
> > less powerful. So the question is, is anyone actually using this
> > functionality? Are there scripts out there that rely on
> > plug-in-blur-randomize to be available?
> Why not just ditch it completly then? If it just a 3x3 convolution
> that you have to manually repeat, and there are already other filters
> and scripts that do the same. The point of repeat is not having to
> rerun manually to get a "bigger radius" blur.
> Someone was doing a version that used another channel to control the
> repeats, which is a nice improvement. If that is accepted as
> improvement it should stay, otherwise I see no reason to keep it along
> the generic matrix one and its presets.

Sorry, but what other scripts or plug-ins are you referring to? IMO it
would be a good thing to have a simple and fast plug-in that does the
job w/o a dialog and I fail to see what other plug-in would provide
this functionality.

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