A friend of mine started using the GIMP on my word that it was awesome. He's
having some difficulty troubles with a tablet. I don't use one, so it's not
a problem for me. Basically, GIMP won't recognize it, so I agreed to ask
here for him, since I'm the only one that doesn't seem to mind being on
mailing lists. Anyhow, here's his system specs:

 320mb ram
Windows XP
Aiptek Hyperpen 12000U 12x9 tablet
230GB hard disk space on 3 disks (more hard disk space than i'll need for a
701mhz AMD Duron
nVidia Vanta LT 8mb graphics card (Overclocked by about 50% on both mem and
processor speed)

He writes:

 Can someone explain to me why the only kickass full-featured imaging
program i've ever seen used as much as photoshop doesn't support the most
widely used tablets in the digital art community?

I'm hoping there's a trick i'm not seeing. It can see my tablet just fine,
it just can't use it because apperantly the coordinate system is screwed up.

 Gimp seems to absolutely [cencored] the tablet's interface with the
computer on a software level.

Open Canvas works just fine, and it'll still work fine after gimp runs, as
long as it's in focus. If it's out of focus (or if gimp is running/in
focus), all the pointer does is go to the extreme edges of the screen and
stick there.

I'll have to restart to get my tablet use back in the windows shell. This pc
is also a server, and gets cranky as hell after a restart.

 I can't think of anything else that's relevant.

Gimp only had a few versions that worked for me. 1.2.0 was the most stable.
2.0.1 is nice and all, but it'll insta-crash if i attempt to change the font
i use for layering in some text. It just immediately crashes to nothing.

I don't get why these supposedly stable versions are always crashing for me
(on different machines, no less) because of some basic, major feature.

It may be relevant that i have over 1400 fonts. Perhaps one of them has an
incompatable name, or special character in the name?

Looks like i'll be doing the "uninstall the new one, reinstall the old one"
thing again. And my friend wonders why i never upgrade windows. It's cause
the sh*t works as it is! lol

Thanks in advance, guys,

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