Hi list,

    This is my first posting to the list, I've run into a small problem
while writing a script to simplify some task. My script does the
following: opens up a .jpg file, crops it, adds text to it, flattens the
layers, and saves everything back. All this runs fine in Gimp (ie. from
the Xtra menu and script-fu)

    Now when I call this from a bash script it is also fine, my problem
is that instead of passing fixed parameters to my script-fu script I
want to pass bash variables, but I can't get this to work, I looked on
the web and tried what people suggest but can't get it to work, please

    Here is some info on everything:
        Red Hat 9.0
        Gimp-1.2.3-16 (from Red Hat's rpm)

    Here is my bash script:

gimp -d -i --verbose -b '(script-fu-add-text-weather-map '$fullpath'
'$file' '$current_time')'

    Has you can see my gimp script as 3 parameters, which I want to pass
as variables (fullpath, file, current_time).

    TIA for the help


Mathieu MassÃ


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