On Tue, 8 Jun 2004, dreadnought wrote:

> I've been using the technique mentioned in the email below to try to get
> images with white backgrounds transparent .. I've had some good luck, but
> also some bad.  Today I used the process on two .jpg's and the *entire*
> images ended up transparent.  In one of the images, the foreground color is
> actually black.  I've got the color picker on white and then do a color to
> alpha on white.  The entire image (including the black stuff in the middle)
> gets the alternating boxes indicative of transparency.

 This behaviour is the expected. Color to alpha removes the selected color
from all the colors in the image in such a way that when you put the image
above a background of that color you will get your original image.
 To do what you want, and that is to just erase a specific color, you
 1) add an alpha channel to your layer if it hasn't got any yet (right
click on the layer and "add alpha channel")
 2) Select -> Select by Color
 3) Edit -> Clear

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