Dear friends:

I am close to completing my jewelry web site at:

Please click on Diamonds and Weddings.

This site is based on a template that I obtained from BoxedArt 
( I've now encountered a problem when attempting to edit a 
type layer. I'm referring to the Diamonds and Weddings page. As you can see 
there is a menu on the left (next to the little girl holding a gift box). 
This menu forms one single, uncut slice. Yet, it is a real menu, not a piece 
of decoration. I've tried my damnest to edit it. Right? If so, how in the 
world can this be done. Please see screenshots at:

Please look closely at the first entry on the menu. You can see the marks left 
by the attempted highlighting of the text. What I saw looked like the 
cropping tool, not a highlight. Yet, the T text tool is on as well as the 
layer in the Layer palette.

If you would like to look at the original PSD file, it is at:

Be sure to hold the Shift key when downloading.

Would appreciate your help in figuring out what to do and how to do it in Gimp 

Thank you so much.

Benjamin Sher

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